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My Circumcision, MyCircumcision,, Circumcise, circumsized, circular, open nerve ending, nerve ending, universe, universal, free thinking, free souls,
aether energy, natural order energy, human flowering, SUN shine, SUNNY, SUNNY DAY, CHEMtrail FREE, HAARP collapsed, Natural Order refreshing RAiN, Rapist gang gone!
bonobos versus chimpanzees, fucrs - where does my DICK go today for what system antic intertwined reward - AGENDA, it dont,
8 is great half as fast better twice the time rate 6 and 1 savor seven eight 888 great! - - i mean.. - Rgr8!
huh, whaT?, stars, STarS, staRrY are,, pRenTenD along after me, ok DONT, get BETTER,. UN connected, to the, to the
CHI energy oblivious anTiCing ensLaveD, enslaving the resT. CONjurist CONjuring over the ill radiationS of
forced tongue rolling and hocking over voweless consonants,.  " white man STILL speaks with forked tongue.
i aM from here.. z1B1.Me - NATiONAL HiSTORiCAL ASSOCiATiON - MuLTi TheMe ProjecTs - OpsShop!
This that has gifted all living life, that some call god, until vessel expired or,. " NATURAL "
(non man made calamity stricken)
has,. ALWAYS been obvious.

LiFe,. iS.. The GiFT!

BONOBO sKiT be gone! - huh?,  wHaT.. ? ok... .. .

AFteR lIfE vYing,. fuCr sKiT,. see ya bye, keep it from ours, and your children toO?
umm ah,. oh sTop,. get your own box of pens and pencils, DOMAiN NAME BASED.

Tell us something we need to know.

ReaL ReaLiTy..

Say iT BesT with DOMAiNS and EXTENSiONS that Say iT BesT!

Our Great Wellness!

or,. i M a gi Ne  < = ( that means,. pReTeNd.. and yes i aM a genie )

WORLD english!


diacritic free!

26 characters - 5 vowels - sometimes y

iS,.. the,
diacritic free.. LONG and short of iT.

( diD,.  did i just make a doOdLing ridDle whilst RidDLing? )

i just love english!

The freeing ALL medium proven to ALLOW,. free thinking.

choosey mothers choose,..


" no U where it should not be and middle word Z instead of the tongues twisted thinking,. of s "

wHaT? - rULes wiLL be RuLes.. i make um,. g O d s a i D.. wHaT?

501 c reENACTORS - ABBREVIATION HIDING, ACTors guild, union.. CONglomerate,.
reDD up?

ooOh sT o p.. i mean,. dont stop,. i mean

DOMAiN BASE you,. domainer.

your own DOMAiN BASED ViDeo Library.
Buy a DOMAIN name,. register several,. start your own portfolio today!

Tell on yourself.. who led you to systems commandeering and enslaving the rest?

DOMAIN Privacy Available!

There is nothing to go on ridDLiNg abouT.

Obvious is Obvious,. just as LiFe,. NOT " AFTER " life,. iS.. The GiFT!

Join those who have opted out of selling the enslavement of caesarian flavian babylonian brotherhoods CONjuring.

Skip female and POPULATIONS enslavement, as well as child ill leading, rape and sacrifice,. altogether.

Why to CHOSE to stand yourself front - reENACTing what REALLY isNT.. raping the rest?


LiFe,. is The GiFT!

The,. NON religious, NO government of any sort intertwined, " BELIEF CULTURE FREE " society, of friendly folk,.

trying to be,. friendly. - LiFe,. iS The GiFT!

Cross this Cross that,. the

southern crux never seen by many..

let alone rightly assembling squares that,. point

south,.  as the direction,.  down

simply has no relevance in the " northern hemisphere "

just as.. the three kings of orions belt,.

pointing the way to the bright star,. that

leads the way to where the sun is, found,. to

have risen after three days rest

that, time.. where winter/death and a new year flourishing

are recognized as something, renewal

we never get right

have no natural order based relevance in the

" southern hemisphere "


The,. high tech african egyptian, power plants

real, spiritual vessel management

" aether energy intertwining gathering

training facilities "


were located.. just north of the equator,.

in the, northern hemisphere


The planet iS round,. rolling around with others..

around,.. suns,. in a galaxy,. movng along in a, universe?

Spinning balls seemingly upright / north

the entire, galaxy.. seemingly spinning discs

positioned,. upright,. north?

Thus,. lower hemisphere based living,.

are,. suspended,. or at some rate,.

differently ABLE,. in relation to

breaking / intertwining with the earth

core cycle rate.. or

its all the same all around aside from

maybe some wobbles?

I was thinking about taking up flying just not sure from where to best begin.


The Original You,. Virtual Too!

The SOLiD BOTTOM you have been looking for,. found.

Our Great Wellness!


And a bit here on the NOT so humerous side of those enslaved
to the thinking of predecessors BELIEF systems and AnTiCs
raping into oblivion (AS ALL PRETEND) the free souls natural born
universe interconnected
chi energy.. updating.
DOMAiN BASED DOMAiNiNG,. domainer!

Say iT BesT with DOMAiNS and EXTENSiONS that Say iT BesT!

My Circumcision -
ALL obviously edited Original Art
created from internet commons.
You never know what the
sHoRt cIrCUiteD
CHI energy enslaved enslaving
ill gotten gained, oblivious
gendered tongues twisted thinking
sexual behavior orienting rewarding
Militant,. CROWNIAN,

AFTER life,. delusion

anTi Ci Z i ng


pR e T eNd eR

will DO..

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